One of Many

During my time spent on this blog, I will displaying some poems; hoping to get some readers reactions. Lately I have been writing to become more creative with my language and word play.  I’ve kind of stopped expressing my sappy emotions and just started to show the reader how I feel.  Like I said, this poem will be one of many that I will be posted.  I hope you all don’t hate it.

The Hole

 I should have never let myself go there;

back to the dirty, muddy dump. Hopeless and stupid because I was

the fool. The fool, the maroon—

selfless victim of your desires,

at least I thought they were yours.

Down there, way, way down,

in the hole, here, in the ground

is where I, curled up in a ball,

waited for the seconds, minutes, hours to go by,

in case you changed your mind.

When I go there, I carry one person

I don’t understand, the person you never thought you

would, could, or had the capability of being.

It’s you. You that, that thing, who yearns for

closeness and ideals about commitment

with another— who is willing to share

those same feelings. You noticed.

Noticed me and my wit.

Held on to any bit of hope or interest I had

about starting over again. Even was willing to give—

to someone as nice and warm as you.

Just like the gold tinted red leaves loosely

hanging on to the oak tree—your harsh autumn words shook them down.

Unearthing mistakes of my past, I find broken pieces

of artifacts  and bones that look like me; once with you,

never once was I not happy. My lovely bones thought—

they found a resting place in your arms.

Something so rare to find would normally be—

displayed in a museum, just as a dug up Apatosaurus would.

Instead, you kept those fossils to yourself—buried and hidden from

ever seeing the light of day.

It would have been so beautiful out on a first day of autumn like today. 

Maybe another time— maybe another season

or two, but the hole

will always remain.


3 thoughts on “One of Many

  1. So tell me about ‘maroon.’ I know this word as a colour adjective, as a verb for being stuck or isolated somewhere, and as a noun as a term for an escaped slave. Did you have one of those meanings in mind, or were you going for ‘moron?’

    • I chose this word because I wanted to do some word play by thinking of “moron” and “buffoon” as them being stupid and not believing in the bigger picture. The maroon is stuck in the pit because they can not see what’s really going on outside of their world. I hope that help clear things up a bit.

  2. Learned a new word, thank you! Thank you for the follow too! Please be aware that my blog is a bilingual one.
    So you may get links to some poems in English as well as to some in Italian…
    I’m trying to keep the posting balanced between the two languages.

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