Coming for Seconds?

This is a poem I wrote over the summer when I was taking an accounting course. I hope you all enjoy it!

I hate Accounting

I’m currently in a definite state of confusion,

Not Confucius, but something along those lines,

that makes me forget about time and space–

Get away from my face.

You’re bothering me, even worrying me,

about your debits and credits

that won’t matter in the future,

so, what’s the matter?

The problem is that I should be studying,

but instead the right side of my brain,

wants to flourish and go insane,

for a while longer.

But alas, I have a test tomorrow.

And these accounts won’t balance themselves,

Or the terms that I need to use for them are waiting for me.

Oh well, back to the graveyard of notes.


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