It’s that time of year again. Oh wait…

Graduating soon sucks. There, I say it. When I stared to realize that my college years are over in five weeks and I’m going off into the world with no money and no definite job plan, it’s a little more than scary to me. Like the other morning in my American Literature class, some fresh men girl was freaking out about registering for classes; thus having to explain to Professor Newton that she would have to leave early to return to her dorm. ‘Oh god I’m old. I’m leaving soon and never coming back.’  I seriously thought I was going to have a panic attack on the third floor at Bradley Hall and these under class men will think that I’m this crazy senior who randomly freaked out in the middle of class.

Ah, the old days of living in the dorms, when my biggest worry back then was trying to find a place to study for a test or which center I wanted to go for food. To go back and relive my early years in college sounds like a vacation right now. But I know better. I know that if I did that, I would never get to where I am right now in my life. Actually graduating with a degree from a university in which I am damn proud of to call English.

At least I’m not Bluto.


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