75 down, so many more to go

Tonight, I finally completed a personal project I have been working on since June 18th 2013. Mostly consisting of poems because it was challenging for me. Personal memoirs, essays, and opinion blurds are my specialty but I never became interested in poetry. I tried to enjoy and read poetry when I was much younger. Even wrote some songs with my Fender guitar when I was still able to play. I remember taking my first creative writing class, my nerves were excited, in my senior year of high school. The poems that my teacher had to assign to us to write were as if the teacher didn’t understand the different techniques and forms exist in English language. We weren’t even writing works that we ordinarily thought of first, just steaming from the teacher’s ideas and nothing else. I was so disappointed in poetry that I wanted to give up on it forever. Until I became an extra semester senior at Bradley University. I felt like I only had one more shot to get it right; I figured, I’m an English major at a fine respected school, what’s the worst thing that could happen. Three different and unique professors diagnosed my problem over the course of 4 months, although it felt like it was overnight. I was finally realizing to turn away from writing sappy poems about lost love and wondering when everything in life went wrong and started to write the truth about myself in different styles and fresh ideas were popping into my head. It’s important to be well educated in your field, especially if it challenges your writing ability. I couldn’t be more grateful for that and for the people in college who properly showed me the way to be a well rounded writer.

Fresh Off the Presses

I graduated college on Saturday, something I never thought would happen. Let alone in 4.5 years. I’m blessed, happy, and grateful for my parents for saving their money and caring enough about my brother and I to get us through college DEBT FREE. Tears fill my eyes as I post that because I know where things could have gone horribly wrong in my time at college but it didn’t. Someone out there thought I deserved a chance to become better than I was at 18 years old. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU my parents, for allowing me the experiences, people, and memories I will never forget that make me who I really am right now.

The nerve to graduate


Funny how everything change,

now that all is wanted,

nothing is ever the same.

Physical diploma awaits

For those who earned it,

achieved something great,

rare, exciting, the end of things,

things coming at the ends of

party dresses and winter coats,

red cheeks and butter lips

walking down the University,

not looking for any trouble,

something to snip while

time walks right through



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