What to do when the high is -2

I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, in general. I can’t control the inevitable of growing more like my parents and having their genetics inside of me, flowing and wandering around like atoms in space. I have my mother’s horrible, rotten teeth and my father’s facial features and there’s nothing I can do except work with what I have and fight against the bad parts. Fighting for how long, I’m still working on it. Personally I know who I am, that is not a copy-paste product of my parents. The fact is that I don’t know when I’ll get that big break, real job opportunity, or figure out when to move out of the house I’ve grown up in all my life. Those certain scenarios are up in the air, waiting to be determined. I can only hope that the fight doesn’t cause a bloody scene or make me lose all of my teeth. I just to be happy. So, why should I stress so much about what hasn’t happen yet and let it go? Damn the inevitable…Universe: 1, Lawless: 0. For now, at least.


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