Death is all around us, in case you forgot

I know this is a topic that I touched on with my “dislike for late movies” post, but this past few days especially, people on the internet and television have been bringing it up the subject. Between Hannah Hart and ‘Girls’, there have been too many references to how we’re suppose to feel and how we should react to the unknown. Why should we spend time focusing on the unknown of death when there are greater things to worry about. Worrying about how I’m going to survive living at my parent’s house means I’m going to be sacrificing a lot; liquor usage, swearing, and the number one answer: my attitude. Apparently, it’s like a problem or something. All I know is that there have been long periods of my life in 2013 where yes; I was extremely unhappy with the way life was turning out and how things didn’t go according to plan. I get a slap in the face or a wake up call. I thought 2012 was rough but apparently, 2013 was only slightly better.

Consoling doesn’t seem like a bad idea but I honestly want to do this on my own, now that I have the time and energy to focus on my needs and what I want out of life. Just getting back to the basics in life and hobbies that actually make me happy. I need to stop acting so angry and unpleasant with everyone I talk, it isn’t fair to them or myself and it’s only going to get worse as life goes on. I know that now. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I’ll give myself a month to self reflect and if it doesn’t get better, I’ll throw myself into consoling. By then, I should feel like I could them a shot.




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