Heading back to the mothership

I wrote this last September, in one moment where I was thinking about all of the great memories I made at Bradley. All of the places, friends, and activities; all of them made me realize who I am as an individual. I’ve edited this a few times and I’m pretty happy with it for the most part. Enjoy!


I stand alone, on Big Red’s porch,

Waiting for the sun to rise again,

As I stare at the night that was,

And still continues to be.


More people start to come outside,

They wonder where I have run off to,

As I look down at my half smoked pipe;

My eyes are as glazed over as a doughnut.


The words that escape are, “I’m waiting for the sunrise.”

And everyone left standing from the night joins me,

For the night is young and so are we,

But it’s not the sun I am waiting for.


I am waiting for you to come back,

Back into my life and my hopes,

Where our old selves could have stayed young,

Oh, but why did you have to go?


For that, I may never know the answer,

But for now, I have this, this moment, and myself,

To get me through until I see that sun peeking into the new day,

To remind me that life goes on and so will I.


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