A Balancing Act About Becoming A Woman

Life is all about choices and balance. We decide when we want to look for a job after we have watched too many shows on Netflix or (if you’re smart enough) apply for 15 jobs and later on, reward ourselves with a glass of wine and watch some HIMYM. Before I was shipped off to the real world, I would go on YouTube and watch hours of videos before I decided it was ‘a good time’ to start my homework. Now-a-days, responsibilities weigh more heavy on your shoulders and mental state before you even start to think about watching the new episode of ‘The Walking Dead’

Some day, you have just a coffee for breakfast, a chicken salad for lunch, and fish for dinner. Other days, you have a donut for breakfast, cheesy soup and ALL OF THE BREAD for lunch, toasted ravioli for dinner, and then eating half a plate of cookies just because. But I bounce back from those type of days. Sure, I use to worry about what my body looked like and how other people would judge me, but those days have been behind me since August, 2013. I care enough about my health, not my appearance.

Next time someone wants to hang out for a few hours, think to yourself, ‘What would make hanging out with you worth it?’ You know you would have a good olde time with your friends; that’s not the issue. Is is worth spending quality time with that friend if you haven’t felt fulfillment within yourself? That’s the real test.


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