You Win Some, You Lose Some

The post college life is difficult.

I have had three jobs in the past two months and I’m praying to keep my current job as a sales associate job at New York and Company. I just don’t get what I’m doing wrong. Half of the time, I feel timid with people giving me instructions and the other half I feel lost, almost like I’m drowning in my own confusion. I keep trucking along, smiling, and trying to be happy. But it’s so damn frustrating not getting the results you have been hoping for.

At least guys are interested in me.

Almost two weeks ago, after I found out about my job offer from New York and Company, I went out with some of friends in town for Pi day. Anyone who is from St. Louis knows about this “holiday” due to the fact that the numbers spell out our area code, which is 314. So, we went out and hard in paint I might add. I had two different guys buy me shots and one of them danced with me and asked for my phone number. That was a huge confidence booster. Three days later was St. Patrick’s Day. That was legendary. Myself and two of my girlfriends went near the Central West End to get some dinner and drinks. The three of us were waiting in line right behind three, beer holding bachelors. As we approach the first of the line, one of the guys asks if we would join them for dinner. A triple date?!?! How often does that happen? I would say as close as someone getting the NCAA college basketball bracket correct. It was not only a fun time, but they also asked for our numbers so we can get together with them sometime in the future. It was an awesome feeling leaving that restaurant because I would have never thought something like that would happen, but it did.

Faith has a funny way of showing its cards, whether it’s in your social or professional life. I just hope something better comes along that I can stick with.


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