The Unrouted Journey

Fresh Off The Presses

I have been at a standstill with my poetry as of late. Between losing jobs, hit and run, and adjusting to post college society, life has been rough to write about; let alone think about. I wrote this poem probably about a month ago and it’s one of the only poems I seem to like out of the bunch I have written since January. Suggestions are always appreciated!

The Unrouted Journey

Someday will move me,

to drive far away.

Attitudes won’t judge others

for what they’ve been through.

Moments begging to be touched,

all over hips, thighs, lips…

that quiver saying your name.

Lit up the dance floor,

set the bedroom on fire,

burning it up while getting clean.

Showering the place to sin,

washing yourself once more,

only to start where you left.

Afterwards, the tricks for kids

aren’t so childish and new.

So, we drive off, some will be

distant and others will stick,

to the road less traveled.

To find our own meaning,

on the road again and again


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