You’re Worth It. Period.

Fresh Off The Presses

So the good news is that this month is finally over. I’ve been having job interviews, which is nice because people are interested in me. I’m beginning to realize though, the difference between what words they use to motivate me and the reality of what the position is. Which is usually a crap, dead-end job that I see myself becoming very unhappy. I sat at the Central West End in St. Louis, thinking to myself after the hiring manager greets me, “I am worth so much more than what they told me.” So I left the interview, sat a little cafe, and started to write like a writer again. And it was so damn refreshing.

Wanting More

Today, I had a thought,

as I sat in the uper cool

and waiting pop-out art room,

‘I’m worth more than this.’

I would rather be loved,

than entry level management,

untamed and uninhibited, 

than unexcited about a boring job I’ll hate,

focus on parts of me to fix and perfect,

instead of sections of sales. Yuck.

This interview can suck it,

without hesitation,

worry about the client,

the nauseous ponder

on marketing through a telephone,

I can honestly tell you all–

that I didn’t need to worry’

wanting to be more than

a no body at the office.


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