My Motto, not “The” Motto

Fresh Off The Presses

So I wrote this poem a few days ago. It’s relevant to where I am in this time of my life. All of my life, I had my life planned out in stepped out bullet points on a sheet of paper for where my life was going to go. Then I went to college. Going to college blew all of my expectations away; yet, the most important lesson I learned was that you can never go about life with a plan. All you have to do is live your life. So long as you live the kind of life that challenges and excites you, you’ll get everything you’re hoping for.

Sometimes in life, the best answer to any question is simple…

The Motto

I’ll put it simply this,

to those who are

between adult and real world;

I don’t know what’s going on.


It’s become a staple phrase,

a security blanket, or sorts,

to not admit the tough

questions about life.


Where is this all going?

What are my future plans?

When will I move forward?

How am I suppose to know?

Why am I so tired already?


The internal struggle is real,

no matter how much I hide it.

Not knowing which direction

can’t consider me, no longer.





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