New Laptop, New Age, New Reason To Write

My birthday was last week. All I asked from my parents this year was money to buy myself a new laptop. Taylor was a good laptop, but she had to go to Dell heaven. The old girl was dying on me and had given me too many viruses to care for it any longer. I have a new reason to write more though. Lately I’ve been thinking; I shouldn’t allow myself to only focus on poetry. It would be like telling Leonardo De Vinci that he could only concentrate on making beautiful art and nothing more.  I want to expand what I’m capable of and write short stories and essays that will inspire people, question their understanding of the world, and appreciate the words laid out in front of them. A few months ago, I wrote out a long list of ideas that would make even Lena Dunham blush. I typed out three pages on my parents desktop because, like I said, Taylor was being dysfunctional on every level. They are mainly events that happened to me in college with some of the closest people I know so far.

Why would I said ‘so far’? Because frankly,  people change.  And people often don’t realize this phenomenon until something shifts in the dynamics of the relationship, even in the smallest way. People do change; every day, every time something terrible happens,  when someone lets you down, or doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Even I have changes in the past year since I started this beautiful part of my life. Here’s a list for ya,

  • I graduated college in 4.5 years with an English degree (never thought that would ever happen)
  • I lost my first job (It happens to everyone. You live with it and move to something better)
  • I purchased my first car (holy adult stuff Batman)
  • My first car accident (that was a real bummer)
  • I worked for a company longer than six months (wowzza!)
  • I sent out my first chapbook to some publishers (pooping in my pants)
  • I had more than two jobs at one time (again, never saw myself doing that)
  • Going to my first therapy session (It was a turning point for me mentally)
  • Lost and gain some friendships (It happens)

But those stories, the adventures you shared with those fine collages, will always stay in your heart. I guess I want to preserve those memories and allow other people to find out what living is really all about. I’m really excited about what’s to come. 24 has been really good to me thus far and it’s only been a week. I found myself already having a job promotion at a job I just started where I make more money and have more hours. So, that’s quite splendid. I also just want to surround myself with the friends that I’ve known and cherished the most over these past several years. Who knows, this year might be the last time I see everyone together all at once.

Above everything else, my mission has always been to write creatively and not stopping until I have found my purpose.