Female leachers; how you know you’re following this pattern.

Sup world…

 …I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything but it has been due to the following

  •  ·     Writing (papers, poetry, research, etc.)
  •          Stinky English Colloquium
  • ·         Reading good American literature
  • ·         Dealing with the obnoxious people, both men and women.

 Let me explain myself. This past couple of weeks, people has assumed that I am “friends” with women—well, more like one woman in particular—who constantly gets on peoples nerves just like her PMS and is always the center of attention because she’s always talking. I mean it, people- no one gets in a word edgewise. If you think that sounds mean, you haven’t even hear her speak. It disgusts me half the time and bores me to the point of leaving my friend’s apartment when she is in our presence.

 I’m probably venting a little and being a bit harsh but the thing with this woman, Lindsey, is a textbook man leacher. Lemme break this down for you folks. She’s got a money problem; she’s going to a guy for comfort. She’s having a bad day at work and you’re the one not texting her right away; you bet she’s going to that cute guy she met at a hockey party. She feels you’re not communicating enough to her; she’ll complain about it to her guy friends. She’s not invited to a planned event among the collected group of friends; she will keep those feelings inside and expose them to her the closest guy friend on a cruise. Such nonsense from her and I genuinely can’t deal with it any longer. It’s as if she is anti-feminist or something. 

 I know that I’m leaving Bradley in less than 30 days so I don’t want to leave things on an awkward note but I would rather go out with my ride or die bff’s at Bradley that have actually listened to my bullshit when I want to express myself. And everyone should take relationships like those seriously. Relationships such as those from my earlier post regarding best friends.

Here is one example of this…



Girl, I need a huge favor. Like a white girl crazy favor.




Would you mind hopping on Facebook and looking up Rebecca Schuk? And let me know what his latest post is? Adam commented on it and I can’t see it and it’s driving me insane. Ps. I know you and Lynds are besties now, but she ain’t got nothing on me.


I did that, didn’t see any comment from Adam. Girl, you know how much you mean to me, more than her obviously.


What was her last post about? Men’s facials? And you just did this for me, you’re amazing.


No, it was a photo contest by gerber baby. Idk if I am able to see her latest updates but adam is not there.


Damn. No it’s a different post. Gah, I hate my Facebook paranoia. Thanks girl.


Anytime chica, always here 🙂


I know you are 🙂 you’re one of the few certainties in my life.


We should have a skype date soon. I miss you too much I have realized.


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